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Aglow Generations Cameroon

The following news was pulled from a report recently received at Aglow headquarters from the leader of Aglow Generations in Cameroon, East Africa. Aglow Cameroon, under the leadership of National Committee President Mary Dioh, is a nation where both English and French are widely spoken. We rejoice with them for the good work they are doing in this nation, all to the glory of God.

The Report that we are sending shares the evangelism work we have carried out by the Aglow Generations Cameroon. We thank our Lord for having strengthened us with His Spirit. He has accompanied us throughout the year because 2020 was not easy for all. Nevertheless, we stuck to being victorious in Jesus Christ. We did not give up despite COVID-19 which came to destabilize all the programs.

The Aglow Generations Group was on the ground in all the cities, the countryside, the districts, the hospitals going door to door to touch the lost souls and those confined in their houses. The work has been very positive. We have worked with ardor and perseverance in this year. We have touched nearly 2,000 souls and 1,350 gave their lives to Jesus Christ and received their baptism by the pastoral advisers and joined the churches. We have distributed Bibles free of charge to new converts. The strong message that the Lord our God gave us on mission was repentance, confession, forgiveness, peace and love.

The Generations Group has also reorganized a social center for the integration of children from poor families. The Center is called Divine Love and Solidarity. We recruit young people to give them a basic level of education in computer science and driving school for most young girls and boys. After obtaining the professional diploma, we are committed to find them work.

Every two weeks, we organize a Bible study with the young people. The young people come together to grow in their relationship with God and in particular to worship Him, study His Word and bring his Kingdom to those who are lost, anguished and in darkness. We live in communion with God by using our talents and gifts of creativity to interact with our community by bringing the light of Jesus Christ. The life of the group must be led by Jesus Christ who is our model and we want to be like Him every day. Jesus did not come to create a religion but a relationship with each of us.

We are not of this world and live in this world. We want the mind of Christ. Therefore, we take the question asked to Jeremiah, “What do you see?” To take courage and find solutions! This is bringing the love of Christ, hope and the Kingdom of Heaven wherever we trample our feet.

We accomplish the mission of Aglow Generation Groups in the Africa Region through: Bible study groups for children and adolescents, Praise and Worship Group, Young Mothers Group and an Evangelism group.

May God bless you and all the Generations Groups in the world,

John Severin Paglan
Aglow Generations Cameroun National Coordinator

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