How to Start a Group

How to Start a Group in Your Community

When there is interest in starting a Generations Group in your city; communicate with a Local Area Team. All Generations Groups are approved by the Area Team. If you do not have contacts for your Aglow Area leaders, send a request to and you will be put in contact with a leader in your Area. If you have any questions, please contact Aglow International by phone 425-775-7282 or e-mail. The leaders will then start meeting together and pray, seeking God for a vision for your group, your focus, when to start and where. You can also start meeting with other young people interested in being part of the group and see what interests they have for the focus of the group.

  • A Generations Group is made up of women and/or men, in their forties or under: children, teens, college students, or young adult.
  • Generations Groups start with a leader and one to two co-leaders. (You can also have a larger leadership team with more co-leaders if desired)
  • Because one of the ways God has always used the Aglow ministry is to introduce women and men to the person of the Holy Spirit and His power, it is important that the leaders are filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.
  • The responsibilities of the group should be equally divided between each leader.
  • The leaders of a Generations Group can vary in age. (Ex: A teen can lead a group for teens. An older woman/or man can lead a Generations Group. A Kids Group needs at least one adult leader.)
  • Empower members to be active in your group as they start regularly attending.

Complete Generations Affiliation and Leadership Forms

  • Each Group must fill out an Affiliation Form and each leader the leadership form. Any groups that have teens or children under 18 years of age must fill out a background check authorization form submitted with all group paperwork and processed by Aglow headquarters. Each leader that has a background check processed must be a global partner. We take the processing fee for the background check from the global partnership. All the completed forms are given to the Area Team and the group is approved by them. The Affiliation and Leadership forms (Background Check form if applicable) are then sent to the Aglow Generations Director to be officially affiliated.
  • The Leadership team needs to become members of Aglow International in the form of Global Partnership.
  • What is a Global Partner? An Aglow Global Partner is a person whose heart has been touched with the vision, and purposes on God’s heart that are to be accomplished by Aglow International. Global Partnership represents a commitment to the call God has placed on your life to be a part of the work of Aglow.
  • For more on partnership go to:
  • Because of the day we live in, we believe it is our responsibility in caring for children and teens to seek adult leaders or workers who will provide healthy, safe, and nurturing relationships. Adults who have been convicted of either child sexual or physical abuse will not be allowed to volunteer in any Aglow sponsored activity or program for children or teens. Adult volunteers should make sure that they are never alone with a single child or teen, another adult or child must be present. This is a protection for you.
  • It is important that you unite with other Aglow groups that are in the area. Participate in local, area, regional and national gatherings.

How Does an Aglow Generations Group Handle Its Finances?

If you open a bank account; you will have to have an Aglow Area Team leader co-sign on your account. You will be responsible to provide a financial statement each year to your Aglow Area Team and Regional Director. You can get an Annual Finance Report from your Area Team. We do ask that you would send a tithe of ten percent of any offerings received in your meetings to Aglow International Headquarters: PO Box 1749, Edmonds, WA 98020

Who Does the Generations Group Relate to for Leadership?

Generations Groups relate to and are accountable to their Area Team, Regional Director, Generations Coordinator (if your region has one) and the Aglow Headquarters Generations Director, Janae Lovern.

It is very important that you maintain communication with your State/Regional Generations Coordinator, Area Team, and the Generations Director at headquarters, updating them on your activities, testimonies and any problems you may be experiencing. These relationships will bring you prayer support, mentorship, accountability, and friendships to walk with you through the journey of this leadership position.
If the Generations leaders feel they can no longer lead their group and there are no other people who want to take on the leadership positions, then you need to communicate with your Area Team and the Aglow headquarters Generations Director that the Generations Group is closed. Our hope is that Generation Groups will grow and keep going even when leadership changes. Leaders, look to raise up other leaders in your group that could carry the vision forward.

You are always welcome to contact Aglow International directly with any needs or questions. You have an open door of communication with the Aglow Headquarters Generations Director.

Attn: Generations Director
Aglow International
P.O. Box 1749
Edmonds, WA 98020-1749, USA

Phone: 425.275.0231