Our History

Aglow Generations has been a fundamental part of Aglow International for over 18 years. In  2006, The Generations Project was born out of many prophetic words calling the younger generations into Aglow.  Their aim was to build relationships through community  and Godly fellowship, using their talents to interact with their community. Generations Project groups ranged from kids up to 35 year olds.

In 2012, the number of Generations Groups grew from 35 to 55 groups. Groups spread out around the world from around the US to Albania, Britain, El Salvador, Faroe Islands, Guatemala, Guinea Bissau, Italy, Romania, Zambia and more.

Generations groups are unique and have their own style of accomplishing the mission. From children’s and teen's Bible study to more creative groups focusing on things such as dance, creative arts, and worship, young people all around the world have a place to find fellowship and encouragement from one another in God’s destiny for their lives.

In 2024 there was a new change to The Generations Project. This part of Aglow's ministry has transitioned into a new place in finding relationship with each other, but especially in building relationship inter-generationally. With a focus still on building Generations Groups around the world, we also have a focus on seeing the younger generations become a part of Aglow by joining local lighthouses and area teams. By building relationships across generations, our hope is to fulfill the biblical call to teach future generations about the wonders of the Lord!