Group/Outreach Ideas

Some examples of Generations Groups are:

  • Bible Study
  • Prayer Group
  • Home/Fellowship Group
  • College Campus Group
  • Parenting Group
  • Community Service Projects
  • Social Issues
  • Creative Arts Group
  • Mentorship Group
  • Dance Group
  • Worship/Music Group
  • Writing Group
  • Art Group
  • Evangelistic Bible Study at University
  • Coffee Shop Discussions
  • Neighbourhood Evangelism
  • Outreach to International Students
  • Help Needy Families in an Area

Outreach Ideas

The possibilities are endless and do not have to be limited to just Generations Groups either. Many of these ideas are great for connecting the generations in Aglow lighthouses or for Lighthouse members to reach out to the younger generations in their communities. Millennials and Gen Z's LOVE coffee, perhaps ask some of the young people at your church or in your community for coffee and get to know one another!

Generation Group meetings can have a variety of activities and depend on the gifting/focus of the group members. Pray and ask the Lord to show you effective ways that your group can grow as individuals and can also reach your community. Also, be open to inviting members of all ages! These are great opportunities to share about Aglow and invite younger generations to your local Aglow meetings as well. Let's be willing to ask younger generations to share their testimonies and find opportunities for them to step into leading/discipleship roles as well!

Here are some outreach ideas (for all ages):

  • Go to a movie and discuss the issues in it.
  • Hold evangelistic Bible studies at your school. University Campuses are where the future leaders of the world are being trained. University years are very formative in a young person’s life. Many students raised in the church at this time walk away from the Lord. Start Christian fellowships on your campus and reach out to other non-believers. Almost all movements in the world, good or bad, have begun on a university campus.
  • Meet at a coffee shop and have open discussion on controversial issues, or issues that affect everyday life.
  • Conduct Social and Community service work.
  • Conduct activities inspired by the leadership and group.
  • Ask an older person to mentor your group and take on a book study together.
  • Have a creative arts night, where people can sing, dance, read poetry, paint, share photography, etc.
  • One of our groups is a young mom’s group. They gather at their apartment complex and while the children play, the young mom’s have fellowship.
  • Another one of our groups is a dance group. They train and learn together and then host events in the community, sharing their talents and love of Jesus.
  • Some of the groups start as fellowship groups by playing games or going out together and as the groups becomes more established grows into something more focused.
  • Friendship Evangelism- Reach out to your neighbors with prayer and practical acts of love and kindness. If someone in your group or someone they know is going through a hard time go out of your way to help. Bake goods for your neighbors. Visit ones your group knows in the hospital. Help out a single mother. Bless a family at Holiday times.
  • International Student Outreach- Many bright students leave their mother country to seek higher education in a foreign nation. Being away from home, family, and friends, these students desire friends—they say the number one thing they want while in the US, besides their education, is an American friend. Generations groups can take advantage of the opportunity to reach out to these students. Study their culture, build loving relationship with them, and share Christ with them.
  • Reaching out to The Least of These - In Matthew 25, Jesus directs us as believers to feed the hungry, visit those in prison, clothe the naked, care for the sick, give water to the thirsty, and give hospitality to the stranger. Take time to serve those in need. Find a homeless or day shelter to volunteer in or donate supplies to. Adopt a family that has recently run on hard times and work together to help provide food and/or water for them. Through this you can be the hands and feet of God.

Be creative! Look for opportunities to reach out in the love of Jesus to those around you!