Zambia Aglow Generations Update

Zambia Generations

Zambia’s Teen Aglow: Be the Light! Last month, Zambia Aglow hosted an Aglow Conference in their nation and saw a great response! During the event, Aglow Generations leader Mbaweme, and her friends, presented their vision for Zambia’s “Teen Aglow” and the teens from their area came and received prayer from Aglow women and men. Videos…

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Burn the Ships


How did we get here? How often in life do we have circumstances that lead us to ask that same question of God. “God, how did I get here?” And, “if it is too much for me to handle, can I turn back?” The answer is pretty clear…there is no turning back, no staying put,…

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Faith Like a Fire


– A few years ago, I listened to one of my favorite podcasts* in which one of the hosts Danny Valdez responded to a question by asking: “But, What if you Could?” That one simple line and response has altered my life ever since. I even have a piece of paper taped to the underside…

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